Will The Political Unrest Effect My Ukrainian Adoption?

The political situation in Ukraine is currently not affecting international adoptions. None of the unrest is targeted at foreigners, and it is very high level. Changes in the president's cabinet rarely affect the day-to-day operations of the local courts and low-level government officials that oversee the adoption program.

The political unrest began as a backlash when Yanakovich, Ukraine's president, changed course suddenly and did not sign an agreement with the European Union as expected. Protests began in Independence Square in Kyiv and were peaceful. In early January, Yanakovich signed a rather extreme law attempting to crack down on protests. At this point protests got violent and the goal of the protesters changed to demands for Yanakovich's resignation. The parliament has since revoked this disturbing law by a landslide and Yanakovich has made several concessions to the opposition.


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