The Ukrainian Adoption Process and Timing Estimates

Ukrainian Process Overview: Average Adoption Timing Estimate: 10 - 14 Months*

Ukrainian Adoption is One of the Fastest Adoption Programs

*Please see the general and detailed notes and explainations of Ukrainian adoption timing.

The timing for your Ukrainian adoption is determined by several major components:

Ukrainian Adoption of Older Children

  1. Your availability: If you are unable to sign documents required for your Ukrainian adoption when needed, for example, if you are unreachable for 3 weeks, this will cause a 3 week delay in your adoption process.

  2. Postage and expedited services fees: Use of FedEx and expediting fees for your Ukrainian adoption documentation will significantly shorten your international adoption timeframe, but increase the adoption cost.

  3. Ukrainian Factors:

    • Ukrainian holidays, weekends, and Ukrainian government employee work schedules can all delay the adoption schedule.

    • If the Ukrainian child you choose to adopt is located in a Ukrainian orphanage far from the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv, you will lose a few days to travel.

    • There can be changes in timing in Ukraine due to changes in Ukrainian government laws regarding the process and details of Ukrainian international adoption.

This Ukrainian adoption time frame is an estimate for the adoption of one Ukrainian child. The schedule we have outlined is an average for Ukrainian adoption at the current time. When you begin the process we will give you an estimate based on your availability, financial resources and the waiting times in Ukraine to the best of our ability.


Adoption Services International is a consulting firm providing consultation and education only to families in the US and Ukraine to assist them with their own arranging and processing of adoptions from the Ukrainian. ASI does not make placements. ASI is not an adoption agency, facilitator, law firm, or intermediary and does not assist in the placement, selection and/or matching of adoptive parents with birth parents or children. ASI does not represent itself as such, nor does it offer such services, nor receive payment for such services. ASI does not perform any services that are defined as Adoption Services under the Universal Accreditation Act, or under the New Jersey adoption statute.


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