Costs and Fees

There are several categories of expenses when adopting from Ukraine:

Independent Ukrainian Adoption Success Story

Costs and Fees

The Average Adoption Cost Estimate for families adopting from Ukraine is $30,000-$40,000.* These costs include the following:


Direct Adoption Expenses

  • Documentation
  • Filing fees
  • Ukrainian Passport for your newly adopted child 
  • U.S. immigration and U.S. Embassy fees
  • Home study by licensed adoption agency

These costs range from $17,000-$20,000* depending on your State and Home Study Adoption Agency fees and requirements.

Travel Expenses

This includes flights to and from Ukraine and ground transportation while in Ukraine for your adoption as well as your personal accommodations and food. The final cost of your Ukrainian adoption is influenced most by your travel related expenses and spending in country. Adoption Services International will help you budget for your anticipated expenses. Travel expenses can range from $5,500 to $15,000 depending on your specific travel, accommodation, and meal requirements in Ukraine as well as the location of the Ukrainian orphanage.

Consultation Services Fee

Independent Ukrainian Adoption Facilitators With Success

Adoption Services International advises families throughout the adoption process so that families can navigate the Ukrainian adoption procedures as seamlessly and expeditiously as possible. Our fee is all-inclusive and covers the following advisory services:

  • Experienced consultation on documentation that is required and how to gather it.
  • Advice as to the preparation and handling of your Ukrainian adoption dossier of documents which is family is required to submit.
  • Education and information to help prepare you for your Ukrainian adoption referral meeting at the SDA.
  • Assist arranging travel and accommodation in Ukraine.
  • Interpretation and translation services while in Ukraine.
  • Assist with problem solving if requested.
  • Responsive support and guidance throughout your adoption process.

Our Consultation Service Fee is charged as a flat fee of $4,000 and is not dependent upon your successfully achieving an adoption placement or placements.

*Please see the Ukrainian Adoption process and cost notes for further explanation of costs. Home studies are performed by State licensed agencies, and contract and payment for this process is directly between the adoptive family and the home study provider. All of the services referred to in Ukraine are performed by professionals or by the family directly and not ASI.


Adoption Services International is a consulting firm providing consultation and education only to families in the US and Ukraine to assist them with their own arranging and processing of adoptions from the Ukrainian. ASI does not make placements. ASI is not an adoption agency, facilitator, law firm, or intermediary and does not assist in the placement, selection and/or matching of adoptive parents with birth parents or children. ASI does not represent itself as such, nor does it offer such services, nor receive payment for such services. ASI does not perform any services that are defined as Adoption Services under the Universal Accreditation Act, or under the New Jersey adoption statute. 




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