Reasons Ukrainian Adoption May Be Right For Growing Your Family

  • Adopt in Months Not Years - The entire adoption process can usually be completed in under 12 months
  • Relatively Inexpensive - There is no such thing as an inexpensive adoption. However, Ukrainian adoption does not require an agency for all steps of the process and can be much less expensive than most other adoption options.
  • Older Parents Are Welcome - There is no upper age limit for adoptive parents in Ukraine.
  • Marriage Length - While parents must be married to adopt, there is not requirement for years or term of marriage.
  • You Choose Your Ukrainian Adoptive Child - Rather than the government or an agency or intermediary matching you with a child, Ukrainian adoption has a process by which you choose the child. You choose your child from a selection of child profiles. These are shown to you directly by the government of Ukraine at your referral meeting in Ukraine. This allows you to review medical and social histories of the children and let you choose a child that may be the best match for your family.
  • Only Children Legally Available For Adoption Are Presented For Adoption
  • Medical History Provided Upfront - Before you choose or meet your potential child, you are presented with a medical history.
  • Ukrainian Children Are Caucasian
  • Ukrainian Orphanages Are Clean and Well Maintained - Children are generally well careed for, fed and clothed.
  • In-Country Process Maximizes Parental Bonding/Attachment - There is a gradual transition. Adoptive parents visit the child at their orphanage, the place they feel most comfortable and less stressed.
  • Independent Medical Assessment - Under Ukrainian law adoptive parents are allowed, and actually encouraged to have an independent doctor or doctors of their choice examine the child before agreeing to the adoption.
  • All Adoptions Are Final - No additional adoption process is required in the US.
  • Adoptions Are Closed - Adoption documents are sealed.
  • Ukraine is Not Russia - Ukrainians welcome Western and US tourists, businesses and adoptive parents.
  • Travel - Can be done in one long trip (6-8 weeks) or 2 shorter trips. Both parents must be in Ukraine for the referral meeting when you choose a child and the court proceedings.

Start your Ukrainian Adoption process today.


Adoption Services International is a consulting firm providing consultation and education only to families in the US and Ukraine to assist them with their own arranging and processing of adoptions from the Ukrainian. ASI does not make placements. ASI is not an adoption agency, facilitator, law firm, or intermediary and does not assist in the placement, selection and/or matching of adoptive parents with birth parents or children. ASI does not represent itself as such, nor does it offer such services, nor receive payment for such services. ASI does not perform any services that are defined as Adoption Services under the Universal Accreditation Act, or under the New Jersey adoption statute

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