What Children Are Available For Ukrainian Adoption?

Ukraine places children for international adoption who are 5 years old and older.

You can adopt a younger Ukrainian child if the child is classified as having a special need by Ukraine. You may contact us for a list of special needs. You may also adopt a child under 5 if you are adopting a sibling group with one sibling older than 5.

Children available for international adoption live in orphanages. Parental rights for the majority of these children have been terminated volentarily due to poverty and economic hardship. In some cases children have been taken from parents due to abuse or neglect or due to the death of a parent.

The health of the Ukrainian children available for adoption varies. Most children who spend time in any institution are developmentally delayed; however the extent varies with the child.

At the time of referral, you will receive a medical history for all the children you are presented from the Ukrainian Ministry for adoption. After choosing a child, the Ukrainian orphanage will give a more extensive medical history for the adopted child as well. The Ukrainian government and orphanages work hard to reveal the extent of potential health issues and not hide potential problems. However, there is no guarantee that the information provided is accurate or complete. There is risk in any adoption.

One of the benefits of adopting an older child in Ukraine is that you are able to see the child's personality and after spending time with the child have a good indication of the child's health and cognitive abilities and challenges.

Ukrainian adoption law encourages parents adopting from Ukraine internationally to have an independent doctor, or doctors, assess the child's health.

ASI is not involved in, or responsible for locating, matching, or placing children for adoption, and as such has no information about the health or background of a child or children available for adoption from the Ukraine.  It is the responsibility of the adoptive family to obtain all such information from the authorities in the Ukraine and to have it reviewed by their own medical professionals.

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Adoption Services International is a consulting firm providing consultation and education only to families in the US and Ukraine to assist them with their own arranging and processing of adoptions from the Ukrainian. ASI does not make placements. ASI is not an adoption agency, facilitator, law firm, or intermediary and does not assist in the placement, selection and/or matching of adoptive parents with birth parents or children. ASI does not represent itself as such, nor does it offer such services, nor receive payment for such services. ASI does not perform any services that are defined as Adoption Services under the Universal Accreditation Act, or under the New Jersey adoption statute.

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